Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Skill rewards System


New skill rewards system
Ok, so the new reward system is fully working! The only difference to you players is that you now need 100 Tokkul to get the reward--REASON--this is because the rewards are now alot better! There is now a random choice of: Dfs, Dragon Platebody, Barrows PartyHat and some cool extras ;) ALSO if you are 99 in Dragon Slaying you will have a total level of 2,178 you can choose from the special rewards box that only requires 50 tokkul and also get a choice from some of funnerscape's most exclusive items!
From Owner A

Donating RS accounts
We do now accept RS accounts but they must be pretty good and you will not get as much/as good quality items. To get good better items you should donate money.
SMALL UPDATES Highscores should now be fixed :) I am making 5 more dragons in different spots at ::dragons I am introducing a merchanting system! At the moment i am making charts for 10 items [one will be updated] so watch closely!

-Thanks, Poparoo4 ( Coconut Cake ingame )

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