Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funnerscape Back Online

Just a quick note to update the blog! Funnerscape is back online after we had recent funding and people issues. So with the new scrambling update Funnerscape is as good as ever so keep enjoying yourself and keep playing!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Skill rewards System


New skill rewards system
Ok, so the new reward system is fully working! The only difference to you players is that you now need 100 Tokkul to get the reward--REASON--this is because the rewards are now alot better! There is now a random choice of: Dfs, Dragon Platebody, Barrows PartyHat and some cool extras ;) ALSO if you are 99 in Dragon Slaying you will have a total level of 2,178 you can choose from the special rewards box that only requires 50 tokkul and also get a choice from some of funnerscape's most exclusive items!
From Owner A

Donating RS accounts
We do now accept RS accounts but they must be pretty good and you will not get as much/as good quality items. To get good better items you should donate money.
SMALL UPDATES Highscores should now be fixed :) I am making 5 more dragons in different spots at ::dragons I am introducing a merchanting system! At the moment i am making charts for 10 items [one will be updated] so watch closely!

-Thanks, Poparoo4 ( Coconut Cake ingame )

Monday, March 8, 2010

* If you would like to view this in the way it was originally written head to www.funnerscape.blogspot.com *

Ok, so it might have gone round the server, might not have, but me and the mods have decided to update you all MASSIVELY, this new skill WILL take a while but it will DEFINETLY be well worth it. the new skill is going to be called DRAGON SLAYING, this will basically be revolved around vannaka giving you dragon task and you getting experience for them. The new skill is going to be designed as the HARDEST skill on funnerscape [to date] but also possibly the most rewarding. The rewards system will work like so: you will kill however many dragons Vannaka gives you and get a Tokkul from each dragon, when you return to vannaka he will say something along the lines of: AHA you have my tokkul! choose a reward, you can either say no thanks or, if you have saved up, buy a decent reward. We are yet to decide on possible rewards but they WILL be customs. So, all of you on funnerscape have something to look forward to! (to see the skills concept art go to hiscores) thanks, Owner A, JJJ, Coconut Cake, B, The baddy, Exactly Wow.

Also hackers are about so it is advisable to change your password!

- Poparoo4 (coconut cake)

PS. I haven't had any feed back on these posts yet =(

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Donations And Other Things!

* If you would like to view this in the way it was originally written head to www.funnerscape.blogspot.com *
Well please but your hands together for B4rr4g3fury our first donator! He donated today and we are all very happy, thanks dude!

The donators zone is under construction ( We deleted it because we thought no one would donate =/ ) it is nearly done and will contain among other things custom shops unavailable to normal players.

Onto another thing, Offline.
We are working on getting a VPS server and B4rr4g3fury's donation will help a lot but in the meanwhile the server may occasionally be off as it is only hosted on the owners computer. If this does happen please regularly check the forums and the client ( As the Online/Offline badge doesn't always work ) and please stay faithful!

Client background and interface images
I will be making a guide in the next 5 days on how to change your client background,login box,chat box and inventory screen to any picture you want so in the meantime hold tight!

New forum homepage.
As many of you will already know I designed a new forum homepage, please rate it in the topic I have made participate in the poll asking if it is too big for your screen. Also please comment on what you think of it.

Thanks very much for playing funnerscape,
- Poparoo4 (Coconut cake Ingame)

PS. I will try to do these blog posts regularly so if any one has any ideas on what should be in them, please PM me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Off-line Reason

OK, the first BIG question that i bet is on everyones mind is: Why is a 24/7Server offline? ok, my answer to this is the following: because alot of extra people have been joining (341 in the past 5 days!) i need to update the Server protection (crashers, spammers, glitchers) and that will take a while. the Server WILL be back online at 6:30 pm GMT, just in time for veterans hour. Ok, the next question is From Anna or Hot n Sexy; my answer to this is: we are setting up a donation system via paypal so i will be able to pay for a VPS and also you will be able to donate your runescape accounts :) this question is from pretty much everyone: i have demoted ALL uncertifiec MODS, the only mods in-game are on the ::mods list. ok the final answer i want to cover for everyone is the next big update, following the new home area. this update will be a Grand Exchange, it will basically be a new command so if our buying/selling you can put it in a shopand when you buy/sell an object, it will be announced to the server :) thanks, and keep playing!