Thursday, March 4, 2010

Donations And Other Things!

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Well please but your hands together for B4rr4g3fury our first donator! He donated today and we are all very happy, thanks dude!

The donators zone is under construction ( We deleted it because we thought no one would donate =/ ) it is nearly done and will contain among other things custom shops unavailable to normal players.

Onto another thing, Offline.
We are working on getting a VPS server and B4rr4g3fury's donation will help a lot but in the meanwhile the server may occasionally be off as it is only hosted on the owners computer. If this does happen please regularly check the forums and the client ( As the Online/Offline badge doesn't always work ) and please stay faithful!

Client background and interface images
I will be making a guide in the next 5 days on how to change your client background,login box,chat box and inventory screen to any picture you want so in the meantime hold tight!

New forum homepage.
As many of you will already know I designed a new forum homepage, please rate it in the topic I have made participate in the poll asking if it is too big for your screen. Also please comment on what you think of it.

Thanks very much for playing funnerscape,
- Poparoo4 (Coconut cake Ingame)

PS. I will try to do these blog posts regularly so if any one has any ideas on what should be in them, please PM me.

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