Monday, March 8, 2010

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Ok, so it might have gone round the server, might not have, but me and the mods have decided to update you all MASSIVELY, this new skill WILL take a while but it will DEFINETLY be well worth it. the new skill is going to be called DRAGON SLAYING, this will basically be revolved around vannaka giving you dragon task and you getting experience for them. The new skill is going to be designed as the HARDEST skill on funnerscape [to date] but also possibly the most rewarding. The rewards system will work like so: you will kill however many dragons Vannaka gives you and get a Tokkul from each dragon, when you return to vannaka he will say something along the lines of: AHA you have my tokkul! choose a reward, you can either say no thanks or, if you have saved up, buy a decent reward. We are yet to decide on possible rewards but they WILL be customs. So, all of you on funnerscape have something to look forward to! (to see the skills concept art go to hiscores) thanks, Owner A, JJJ, Coconut Cake, B, The baddy, Exactly Wow.

Also hackers are about so it is advisable to change your password!

- Poparoo4 (coconut cake)

PS. I haven't had any feed back on these posts yet =(

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